Why can you open a credit card?

There are many reasons that the bank refused to issue the credit cards because of  the reasons which are speculating, but in short, you can not open a credit card. The following the 8 most common reasons why you may not do credit cards.

Why can you open a credit card?

First: You are not eligible financially. Your income is lower than the provisions of the bank, of course they will refuse to open the card to you in the form of open credit cards or collect wage entrants. In this situation, the banks will suggest you to open the passbook or bank account at a bank in the form of collateral it to a credit card. Banks often prescribed over 10 million deposited in the bank then open a new credit card and line of credit based on the amount that you send.

Second, it’s possible that you have bad debt: A debt from the student or a deferred amounts due to omissions or forgotten credit card payment at a certain bank… will cause your credit score to be dark. There are debts that you do not pay attention and stick bad debt. And when the bank check CIC, the things are done.

Third: it’s possible that you have too many credit cards: Although no regulations prohibit you from using multiple credit cards of various banks but you own too many credit cards will reduce your financial capability shield banks do not “indifferent to you”.

Fourth: Due to lack some papers or by the banks concerned the statement: Here the talk is to prepare your resume as your papers when you lose a certificate but you do not have a passport yet, so you can’t make the credit cards. Or a temporary residence card, but no wards should not be afraid to open up a credit card. Or household registration because it did not hesitate to go to photo credit card. Or due to lack of electricity bills, water, network,… There are a lot of customers pay by bank transfer qualify, but afraid that the bank statement should not do paid credit cards. The correct and complete compliance with the profile help you open the card extremely fast convenient.

Fifth: Do you have a debt with financial companies, insurers, or other banks? It is similar to owning multiple credit cards because your income will be limited due to pay the liabilities. You have to prove their financial ability to pay after the debts are still eligible to open the card to be able to open credit cards.

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