A site is worked with gathering of Web Pages and Web Page is planned with html, xml labeling. ASP is a Microsoft innovation that makes a website page with .asp augmentation. A basic site page is outline with html or xml labeling, yet in the event that you need to utilize dynamic usefulness on your site page then you pick ASP. With ASP document you can powerfully alter any substance of your website page. Client can get to any information or databases from website page and return result to the program.

ASP remains for Active Server Pages; it is one kind of document. It contains content, HTML labels and scripts (VB Scripts, JAVA Scripts). ASP document can keep running on IIS web server, IIS is a web server that stands for Internet Information Services. IIS comes as free parts with Windows 2000, XP, and Windows 2003. Another web server that can run ASP record is PWS Personal Web Servers, comes as free parts with Windows 95/98. PWS is completely practical variants of IIS. ASP is a Microsoft innovation that can just keep running on Microsoft Windows stage. ChiliASP and InstantASP are updated variant of ASP can keep running without Windows stage.


ASP File

An ASP document is similarly as html record, however contrast is that it keeps running from web server. You can utilize any content tool for compose ASP scripts. Scripts in .asp document executed from the web server. An ASP document has the record expansion .asp and it executes from the accompanying way; C:\inetpub\wwwroot\filename.asp. It implies that your document must be situated at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ with .asp expansion.

Scripts bolster by ASP

ASP document underpins VB Scripts, JAVA Scripts. It is basic and quicker than CGI and Perl scripts. ASP is arranged with VB, JAVA scripts, however in the event that you need to script in another dialect like Perl, Python you need to introduce script motors for them.

Step by step instructions to Install Web Server

Fundamentally ASP bolsters Personal Web Servers (PWS) and Internet Information Services (IIS). PWS is old form of IIS and comes as free segments with Win 98/95. To introduce PWS, run the PWS setup from Add-on envelope of Win 98/95 Cds. While IIS is introducing consequently at the season of framework setup, IIS is accessible with Win 2000/XP/2003/NT. In the event that IIS is not introduced consequently then you can introduce it from taking after way

Control Panel – > Add or Remove Programs – > Add/Remove Windows Components – > select IIS from rundown then snap alright. After establishment of PWS or IIS, an envelope named with Inetpub is make at your framework drive.

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