The Most Popular International Payment Cards That You Should Know

Currently, there are 3 types of international payment cards are the most popular Visa, JCB card and Mastercard cards.

What is Visa card ? Visa card is an international payment cards are widely used and popular branded Visa, a company of the famous electronic payment in the US. With these types of cards issued in the country that will be provided by commercial banks, management, and is meant to be a co-branded cards. Visa card includes 3 types of cards it is a debit card (Visa Debit), credit cards (Visa credit) and prepaid cards (Visa Prepaid). However, Visa Prepaid little use.

JCB card is what? JCB card is an international payment card, which originated from Japan, was put into use since 1991. JCB Card is also known as JCB credit cards, prepaid cards and debit cards JCB. This type of card is used for payment on a global scale, catering to all transactions in person or online.

What is a MasterCard card ? MasterCard is a payment cards or transactions worldwide branded MasterCard. These cards were derived from the US, it is a co-branded cards are commercial banks released. Like Visa, MasterCard is the card used to pay for online transaction form and direct. Includes 2 cards are commonly used or MasterCard Credit (credit cards) and MasterCard Debit (debit) with a less used than Prepaid MasterCard (prepaid cards). The difference in these kinds of card:

The international payment card is a credit card: There are 3 main types of credit card used for payment on a Visa card that is globally: Visa card, MasterCard and JCB cards. The cards have the same characteristics will be spending our customers first and then pay. The bank will provide for a maximum level of spending per card holder can use, and the amount of expenditure which the card holder must be responsible for payment at the end of the period. The advantage of this card is that you still get a bank loan to spend without interest if paid on time. If paid after the specified time, the customer will be subject to high interest rates.

International payment cards as debit cards: The payment cards as debit cards such as Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit has the common characteristics that customers can use this card to pay the remaining amount on the card. In addition, other features identical to the type of card used for international payment is a credit card.

Debit cards used for payment on the global commercial banks released with conditions very easily. Customers only need to bring your passport or ID card to the office of a bank transaction may want to open is to open this type of card.

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