Some Information You Need to know about credit cards

Data messages have legal value is the information generated, sent, received and stored by electronic means in accordance with the provisions on the legal validity of data messages in the Traffic Law electronically.

The POS unit is known as an organization or individuals to accept payment for goods and services, providing services to load, withdraw cash with cards.

Operational support services card is the service which was organized, professional individual third party suppliers for an organization providing clearing services for card transactions, organized under the card switching service contracts are agreements between the parties involved. Operational support services including card: Card dealers, rental ATM / POS / CD, add money to the ATM / CD, maintenance ATM / POS / CD, providing technical solutions related to business cards and other services are not illegal in the country.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM for short) is a device that card holders can use to send, load, withdraw cash, transfer, transaction lookup information or use the service card other services.

Teller Machine (Cash Dispenser – abbreviated as CD) is a device that card holders can use to withdraw cash only. A code identifying the card holder (Personal Identification Number – PIN for short) is the security of personal identification numbers are the organization give card holders, used in a number of card transactions to authenticate the cardholder. This code of the card holder is responsible for security. In electronic trading PIN is considered the signature of the card holders.

Code card issuers (Bank Identification Number – abbreviated as BIN): the single-digit range by the State Bank in accordance with a principle of unity in order to determine the card issuers, products, service card issuers. Payment of deposit account: the account held by an individual or organization providing open at payment service for the purpose, keep the money or make payment transactions through the organization providing payment services by the means of payment.

Card account: the account opened in order to manage card transactions, fees, interest and issues arising in relation to the use of the Card. The main card holders and the supplementary card holders using the same card.

Transaction amount: the amount of money used to pay the card holders of goods and services, withdraw cash or carry out transactions equivalent to cash withdrawal transactions at a merchant or ATM.

Conversion transaction amount: the amount of the transaction are converted at the exchange rate of the international card organizations

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