Some Common Types Of Credit Cards That You Should Know

Credit cards have been launched to contribute to the development of social life increasingly stronger, promoting shopping, consumption, investment… to promote economic development for the whole society, to contribute to the advancement of mankind. The different types of credit cards will be for those who use, different uses, to best meet the diverse needs of society. Credit cards are also many types, we can divide into various types of credit cards of different banks based on such a criteria which  based on income, capital, purpose of use, the users… If based on the initial capital, the 3 major credit cards are:

Credit card deposit (Secured Credit Card): if your income is not stable, low income, you can open a credit card deposit, with this card you do not need to prove income, but just close a certain deposit amount stipulated by the bank. This amount will be taken into account with a term savings. And you can switch from card to card deposit when you deposit income proved to extend the credit limit.

Credit cards are not collateral (Unsecured Credit Card): if you can prove the income, then you were able to open the deposit card. Credit limit depends on your income level, higher income credit limit increases.

Supplementary credit card: You can open additional cards for relatives in order to  share with her with sub accounts and control its finances, you can set the limit for extra cards. Often, banks allow you to open up to 02 more supplementary cards.

If based on the object may be divided into credit cards is a personal credit card and credit card business. Personal credit card is the card for the user object is the individual, serving the needs of personal life, such as buying a home, buy land, buy a car, study, daily consumption,… The credit card business: the business, the company may open a bank card account for to invest their business, staff salaries, payment of public spending, pay debts…

Then what have you known about the meanings of the numbers on your credit card? They are divided into groups of digits as follows: The first digit (MII – Major Industry Identifier):

  • 1 & 2 was released by the airline
  • 3 are issued by tourist agencies or recreation
  • 4 & 5 are issued by banks and financial institutions
  • 6 are issued by banks and merchants
  • 7 is released by the oil company
  • 8 is released by the telecom company
  • 9 is released by state

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