Mistakes In Using Your Bank Card That “Throwing Money Out The Window”

A lot of daily habits when using bank cards make you lose an amount of money and it’s not less. So, does your habits are still being the right way or you are wasting money without even knowing it. Currently, in the market, there are 3 main types of bank cards, such as debit cards, prepaid cards and credit cards. Let’s find out, how are you throwing money out the window?

A Debit card is composed of two types of local debit card (ATM) payment which using domestic. And international debit cards (Master Debit and Visa Debit) payments using both domestic and foreign. This type of card is used and valued when it is paying for the full amount in the account, which is used to withdraw cash or pay to shop at places used for customer imprint. May be due to objective or subjective, but many people still use the debit card with the wrong way, causing them to lose some of the money which is not small. This means that customers can withdraw cash at any ATM and they don’t care about if the ATM is along with their bank. Currently, the ATM to withdraw money from the bank or the other whether the banks are losing money. However, while withdrawals at other bank ATMs, card holders can take charge at three times higher than normal. And in a month’s time, if you withdraw funds up to a dozen times (or even more), then a year the amount you pay to the bank about its activities is how much? Of course, it will not be a small amount. To limit these things, each person just takes a little attention to overcome. Limit withdrawals too many times in a month and go right to withdraw the bank’s ATM card you are using if you have enough time and convenience to perform this action.

Credit Card are cards for customers who spend before without the money in the card, ie spending before – paying later and in a permissible level. With this type of card is mainly used for shopping and very rarely used to pay cash. The conditions do card depending on the wage and working time of the card holder. Some credit cards are Visa, Master Card, JCB… If you are not careful and put the credit cards everywhere, others absolutely can “borrow” that card to spend freely without losing money. Or yourself, use your credit card without thinking, has no plans to make himself become a debtor of the bank.

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