Manual Credit Card And A Few Notes

Before and after receiving the card, you should read carefully the contract before signing the card used to release and Contracts Unit card use, test for the information on the card to make sure the information is right when you signed up card at bank branches. Then you proceed to exchange personal identification number (PIN) for the Bank’s debit card at an ATM provided immediately after receiving the card to activate the card. Note, you should avoid the figures relating to personal information such as date of birth, phone number, license plate… etc in order to avoid the release of information to the bad guys take advantage.

Storage and card security: Do not put your cards to anyone other than employees of the bank or the merchant’s cashier is assigned to work with you. Do not disclose your PIN number, card number to anyone. You are the only person to know that information. Do not bend the card, folded card. Do not leave the card close to the electronic device can broadcast, strong magnetism can damage the data on the card. Besides, avoid not to scratch the black tape on the back of the card. Keep your card in your wallet carefully, the location where you can easily see whenever you open your wallet to help early detection of a lost card. Call the Customer Service Center as soon as the bank’s Lost PIN or detect lost or misplaced cards to receive instructions. Remember to use the date and limit cash withdrawal limit for each card transaction so you can easily control their spending ability. You should note the validity period of the card to know when you replace a lost card. Do not use the card when the card validity period has expired

When using the card, you should pay attention to check the information on the card payment invoices, ensuring that adequate information. Register to receive payments only if you agree to all the information on the invoice. Keep the card payment invoices and related documents to facilitate the subsequent verification of complaints (if any) and ensure that all card transactions at the merchant’s You must be conducted in front of you. Make sure that the card must be returned immediately after the transaction is done. Consult with the customer service center in case your card is declined or the merchant did not give a reasonable explanation, or in case you suspect your card information stolen.

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