Learn About The Profile Of Cloud Computing

The term “Cloud computing” is derived from the idea of bringing everything as data, software, computing,… up on the Internet. We will no longer see the PC, own servers to store business data, software anymore, but only some of the “virtual server” focusĀ  on the network. The “cloud” will provide services to help enterprises manage data more easily, they will only pay for the use of their services, without having to invest heavily in body infrastructure as well as more interested in technology. This trend will help many companies, small and medium enterprises without network infrastructure, server to storage, data management possible.

Learn about the profile of cloud computing

By definition, the enormous computing resources such as software, services… will be located in the virtual server (cloud) on the Internet instead of home computers and the office (on the ground) for people to connect and use whenever they need. Currently, many vendors offer cloud computing services in many different directions, making the individual standards and how different activities. Therefore, the integration of the Cloud to solve a customer’s problem which is still a difficult problem. So that, service providers tend to integrate the Cloud together into “sky computing”, given the common standard to solve the big problems of our customers. Cloud Computing launched to address by the following issues:

The issue of data storage

The data is stored centrally in huge data warehouses. Large companies such as Microsoft, Google has dozens of data warehouse centers scattered around the world. Large companies will offer services that allow enterprises can store and manage their data in the central repository.

The issue of computing power

There are two main solutions that using the supercomputer (super-computer) to handle the calculations and using the parallel computing systems, distributed, grid computing (grid computing).

The issue of providing resources, software

Providing services such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service).

Characteristics of cloud computing

The independence between the device and the location made which allow the user to access the system by using a web browser, regardless of their location or what device they are using, such as a PC, mobile. Because infrastructure off-site (provided by partner 3) and is accessed via the Internet, so users can connect from anywhere.

Development trends

The term “cloud computing” was born from mid-2007, so far has not stopped growing strongly and is implemented by many large companies such as IBM, Sun, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo,… With the aim of solving the problem of data, computing, service,… to customers, cloud computing has brought huge profits, providing a playground, a large market for suppliers services, so the rapid development of it can be calculated by each day.

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