Learn About Bank Cards

Bank Cards (hereinafter referred as “card”) is the payment instrument which was issued by a bank for a customer in order to use, according to the contract which was signed between the bank that issued the card and the card holder.

The credit card is the card that allows card holders conduct transactions within the card credit limit granted under the agreement with the card issuer. Prepaid cards is the card that allows card holders conduct transactions within the card is worth the money loaded on the card corresponds to the amount that the cardholder has paid in advance for card issuers. Prepaid cards including prepaid cards identified and prepaid cards are not identified (anonymous prepaid cards).

Debit Card (debit card) is the card that allows card holders perform card transactions within the amount of deposit accounts of the cardholder billing opened at an organization providing payment services are allowed to take deposits corroborate.

What is an ATM card? So what is your ATM card? Then first you need to understand about ATM. ATM is known as Automated Teller Machine, which is a device that card holders can use to withdraw cash, or receive some other services provided by the card-issuing bank or banking and card payment providers. People are very confused ATM cards with debit, prepaid, or treat it as a separate card with the other card types, but is substantially ATM cards can be used at ATMs. Meanwhile, the most current card can use up ATM should therefore be able to understand simple ATM cards, including credit cards, debit, prepaid.

Co-branded cards are what? Co-branded cards are cards that issued on the basis of cooperation between the bank and other organizations in which the users are co-branded card that will receive incentives from the organization as a membership card, card promotion of such organizations. Simply to understand that when the co-branded card owned banks and other organizations, the card holder will be entitled to incentives such as membership cards, promotional cards of this organization and are supported by the bank in the payment. When conducting procurement transactions with international payment card associated with 2 accounts, the money will be deducted from what account? Depending on the bank that issued your card will have a different policy provisions, but most banks are deducted from the main account but in case the POS function allows selection of the trading account, then you can use the money on sub-accounts

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