Credit cards and debit cards: What is the difference of the charge of 2 kinds of card?

Did you ever wonder why banks usually release the two types of credit cards and debit cards? Should you use what kind of card? Should you choose credit card or debit card? And how banks charge when using a credit card or debit card is like?

The answer may surprise you, you should use the 2 kinds of cards: Credit cards and debit cards. Because a very simple reason that credit cards and debit cards have different uses and it will give you the different utility user.

Debit cards is that you take money directly from bank deposit accounts of contacts. And while spending by debit card, customers do not enjoy preferential programs or incentive bonus point credit from the bank. Banks will be extremely happy if you use a debit card to pay more than the amount in the account. Because then you will be quite severe penalties 1 fee for spending that bite off more than you can chew- overdraft.

Credit cards and debit cards: What is the difference of the charge of 2 kinds of card?

Credit cards are the kinds of cards that you spend first and pay later. Basically, the bank will give you for loan 100% free interest rate then when it’s come to the statement period, you must return the money that you have spent in one given time. This is one of the largest utilities from the credit card, you do not have money, you still use the end of the month and if not paid off, you will be beaten in the amount of interest owed, approximately 10 up to 20%. Utilities and considerable risks of using credit cards to participate in procurement. Thus, before using credit cards to pay any duties, you also need to think carefully.

What is the difference between credit card and debit card? What card that you should choose?  With debit cards, you will have the opportunity to withdraw cash at no extra surcharge from the banks. However, if you use a debit card to make purchases or consumption, you will get very little incentives, rebates from suppliers and banks.

With credit cards, you should not withdraw cash because then you will have lost one of the great charge his cash withdrawal. Since banks are not encouraged to withdraw cash transactions of credit cards. However, it would be very good if you use your credit card for shopping, you will get great deals from suppliers and from banks.

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