Annual reduction – smart saving tips on credit for card holders

The annual fee is an annual fee for maintaining the card account and the benefits obtained from the card. Annual fees are due immediately upon issuing bank cards to customers and incurred regularly every year during the validity period of the card. Fees is the count of the cards and the secondary cards (if any). You can choose the kind of credit cards that have no annual fee card in the first few years, aims to reward achievement categories, or direct negotiations with banks will help consumers save significant sums.

Annual reduction - smart saving tips on credit for card holders

Waiting for the offer to open the most attractive credit cards: Right from the file documents to apply for a credit card, you should learn some promotions when opening bank card. Currently, many banks apply for free annual policy first year for new members, however, is not all, you should be aware of this.

Search and selection of built-reward cards: If unavoidable, make appropriate plans to minimize the losses from the annual fee. Selecting the type commonly used cards and bonus area is a good way. Almost all banks are building incentive program for credit card holders accumulate points and rewards program to create the largest utility when customers use the card. Details of these programs can be found on the internet.

Negotiations with banks: Many credit card holders often think that this is always a fixed fee. Not so practical. The bank had to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing to get a customer, so they do not want you to stop using the card. Before accepting the new rate, you call to the card-issuing bank, ask them to reduce the fee. In discussion, please cleverly mention that you want to cancel the card and switch to another bank. You may be invited to speak to a special department to keep you stay with the bank. Most perfect cases, banks will no annual fee or refund part of the money, bonus points for your area.

Stop using credit cards: If banks refuse to negotiate annual fee, you can stop using the card and said initial promotion is a hoax. Then switch to another bank’s card. What to do in case you feel “remember” the old card? Some banks will be very glad if customers return the award by signing up, but you have to wait quite a long time, from 12 to 18 months.

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